San Mateo Kids Zone Feedback

The Kid Zone Feedback form allows parents, spectators and game officials to provide feedback to San Mateo AYSO Region 36. This report is automatically to Sportsmanship Committee which reports directly to the Regional Commissioner

Players, Parents and Spectators are encouraged to use Kids Zone Feedback to:

  1. Make any comment (positive or negative) about their AYSO soccer experience, or
  2. Note or report any inappropriate behavior during (or before or after) the game.

Coaches are encouraged to Kids Zone Feedback to:

  1. Provide feedback regarding the officiating during the games.
  2. Report field conditions requiring attention prior to next week's games.
  3. Note or report any inappropriate behavior during (or before or after) the game.

Game officials are required to use Kids Zone Feedback to report:

  1. Any sportsmanship point deductions for the game.
  2. Where a Player's sportsmanship conduct fails to meet the AYSO goals and objectives. 
  3. Where a player has been Cautioned or Sent-off (yellow or red card infractions of the laws of the game).
  4. Any inappropriate behavior during (or before or after) the game
  5. If a game is suspended for any reason.
  6. For any field problem (field conditions, sprinklers, goal net, etc.).
  7. Or for any other reason,  that in your opinion, may warrant reporting.

Game officials must file a report within 24 hours of the game.

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Game Information:

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Team Number(s) and/or Coach Name(s) and/or Team(s) Colors:
(we must be able to identify the team - supply as much information as possible)
Description:  Please provide a detailed description.  If you were not the scheduled referee for this game, please include additional information such as: Parent of Ken Aston, player on Boys 10U team BU10-123 Red Dragons.

Description limited to 20,000 characters (about 6 printed pages). 
Hint:  You may want to compose the description using your favorite editor (e.g.: Microsoft Word) and then copy/paste text into description area.

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